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What makes Jayaram’s Pattabhiraman greater than all mass heroes you have seen

I thought the likes of Rajnikanth and Vijay portrayed the most perfect larger than life heroes on screen in South India. Until I saw Pattabhiraman.

Read through the pictures on why Pattabhiraman is one of the most well written mass characters of this decade.

Pattabhiraman is a caterer by profession. It gives him the opportunity to showcase his dancing prowess during marriages ( though the bride and groom feel like killing him)
Pattabhiraman is 50+ years old, but still an eligible bachelor. He has seen around 43 girls (He keeps boasting about this count through the movie). But as obvious, none of the proposals have worked.
One day Pattabhiraman found his neighbour is bedridden. So he gives him some of his rice and sambar and makes him walk after several years. It is a medical miracle for most people. But for Pattabhiraman, this is business as usual.
Pattabhiraman has seen several Ranji Panicker movies. So he also delivers firebrand dialogues in front of mayor and other officials. He realizes that if he is a simple caterer, he wont be able to do that. So he also becomes a food inspector in the city of Trivandrum.
Pattabhiraman has learnt martial arts because he has many enemies. He can beat all the bad guys at a time even if 10 or 20 of them come together.
Despite all his busy schedule, Pattabhiraman irrigates his own plants. And this simplicity makes the heroine fall for him.
Pattabhiraman once attended a function where the special guest happened to be his college friend. She took the audience through her memories of how Pattabhiraman was a big hearted person who had helped her and several other poor college students with meals every day( No resemblance to Katha Parayumbol is intended or should be inferred). The audience gives him a standing ovation. But for Pattabhiraman, this is one other normal day.
Pattabhiraman is a fan of Vijay and believes any mass hero should be giving press conferences and interviews.
Sometimes Pattabhiraman looks at laptop with an assistant behind, because it gives the audience a feel that he is doing something serious.
During his leisure times, Pattabhiraman sits in middle of all his followers and sings along with them because… by this time you know that is what most mass heroes do.
Pattabhiraman also knows that most superstar movies should have multiple heroines. So he rejects the first heroine who fell in love with him and marries another heroine. This gives him more time to romance on-screen.
Pattabhiraman covers himself with a big blanket whenever he takes his gun out so that his wife doesn’t see it. He knows a good mass hero has to keep secrets from his family ( The wife though thinks what is wrong with this guy !)
Pattabhiraman finally realizes that the movie is coming to a closure. So he asks the producer to bring a villain and more bad guys from the Tamil industry. He delivers some punch dialogues to the villain and walks in slow motion to the background score – “Oh Raaman Oh Pattabhiraaman Oh Raaman” . The villain and the two guys behind him act surprised and astonished with his skills.
Unlike other mass heroes, Pattabhiraman has great concern for the movie’s producer. So in the movie’s post credit scene, you can see a desperate Pattabhiraman asking the producer how many people have turned up to watch the movie. You can clearly see him asking wether the count is 1 or 3 ?

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