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Film Companion’s Actors Adda summed up through pictures

How Film Companion’s Actors adda, that brought actors across the country on the occasion of its selection of 100 greatest performances of the decade, could be summed up in pictures:

Ranveer Singh- “Guys, we are not going to talk anything serious rite ? How do my dress look ? Am I underdressed ?”
Can someone let me speak ?
Deepika Padukone -“Only my husband could have done a class movie like Gully Boy. Only he could have also done a mass movie like Simmba too”

Ranveer Singh -” I forgot. What did she ask me to do after reaching home in return for saying all this”
Manoj Bajpayee – “Is that an exit door I see there? Can I just escape out from here?! Looks like Anupama Chopra doesn’t even realize I exist here anyways”
Alia Bhatt – “Okay I am going to say it anyways -‘ Good films are easy to make. Hit films are the ones really difficult to make'”
Manoj Bajpayee- ” Man, I wish I had not taken up the acting job so that I don’t have to come here and listen all this. Is that door still open? “

Vijay Sethupathi -” Days of shooting Jayaram’s Marconi Mathai feel like heaven now compared to all this’
“I am feeling very sleepy. Let me just act as if I am listening to all this. What did Parvathy even say? Meanwhile after World famous lover, I have to start looking for another role where I am a rejected and dejected lover, a drunkard and a rebel”
I will just hold this coffee mug through the interview. Talking of coffee, can I make a movie about someone who gets humiliated and embarrassed because of a coffee.
“Pullu Varandaarnu.”

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