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“Trance” aka “Not Everyone’s cup of Tea” aka “Fahad’s eyes can act”

A look at what actually happened during the first day first show of Malayalam movie Trance

Fahadh Faasil in Trance
Fahadh Faasil -“So Guys, Trance is this exciting story and journey of how Viju Prasad becomes Pastor Joshua”
Normal Viewer for the first 40-50 minutes – “Looks interesting so far”
After one hour, “Now do you see this big hole. This is the size of the hole in this screenplay”
“Where is this going ?”
“Now look at all these inner meanings, so many layers in the screenplay, so many characters with depth like those of Chemban Vinod and Vinayakan. Also see this fresh idea of how I made Dharmajan walk on stage”
“Hey buddy, what Thenga is this? We have seen that Dharmajan’s scene in 5 other movies”
“Doesn’t it all look great ? Isn’t this one of its kind movie in Malayalam?”
Most other viewers – “What the what?”
“Hey Nazriya, what is happening? Why is no one clapping ? Didn’t you tell me this will turn to be an exciting movie?’
Nazriya in Trance
“Pani varunnundu avaracha ! Maybe I will look left and right like I know nothing. I have only a small role in this movie anyways!”
“Now I wish someone starts praising my eyes and performance. That is my only hope!”
Meanwhile from the crowd- “Hey guys, listen. Trance is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is an absolute visual treat. Also look at the superb sound design. Most important is that Fahadh’s eyes act throughout the movie”
“Aaaaaaaa” (Nedumudi Venu- Midhunam.jpeg)
Normal viewer – “Nah. I am still not buying it. Can you explain what the heck happened in second half”
“Come on guys, let’s all clap before he asks more questions”
“Buddy, Is it for this 2.5 hour torture that Anwar Rasheed prepared 7 long years? How can I get my money back ?”

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