What makes Georgekutty the finest Malayalam Movie Character this decade

Mohanlal as Georgekutty in Drishyam

“I have never considered police as fools. Instead, I have only considered them as protectors of people. Which is why I strongly believe you and this police station would protect me”

Georgekutty says this to the police inspector and starts walking outside the police station. We are all curious still where Varun’s body was buried, a secret Georgekutty hasn’t disclosed to even his wife. We are now shown frames from the flashback when Georgekutty walked away from the incomplete Police station’s construction site with a shovel in his hand. Our minds are blown and we are overwhelmed with goosebumps. We stood up in the cinema halls and applauded for Georgekutty. One of Malayalam Cinema’s most iconic characters ever took birth 3 years back on this date -Dec 19th. ┬áLet’s take at look back at what made us really adore Georgekutty.

Georgekutty was a 4th class drop out and an illiterate. He was an ardent movie fan – a trait which made most of us connect with the character quickly. Its his keen observation skills and knowledge gained from watching several genres of movies that helped him at crucial situations in life. His miserly habits gave us lot to laugh as we enjoyed his conversations with his family around the dining table.

When his wife and kids told him about what happened at that night and how Varun died, Georgekutty did not crumble. His immediate priority was to protect his family no matter what hurdle he face. He devised a foolproof plan and made sure no stone was unturned. He succeeded in making a set of people believe he and his family were out of town on August 2nd. He coached his young daughter to make few mistakes when the police question her. When he quickly covered up for his wife’s mistake saying it was the principal who called them and told about the date – “August 2nd”, his presence of mind stunned us.

When Georgekutty was beaten up in the police station, he took all the hits and just smiled at his daughter. This was perhaps one aspect of his that we loved more than everything else. Georgekutty was not larger than life. He was not a superhuman. He would only use his brain over brawn to accomplish his goals. He had so much more probability to be real than most other movie characters we see everyday.

When his wife finally asked him where the body is buried, he paused and replied -“That secret would go with him to his grave”. When Varun’s parents asked if there is any hope their son would return, he still did not break down completely like Tamil’s Suyambalingam did in Papanasam. He still couldn’t take the chance if they would record what he says. All he said was that his family had an unexpected guest who was not ready to listen to their pleas and they had to send him back forever. He once again showed us that there is nothing more important to him than his family.

Georgekutty was a genius. He was hard to crack. He wouldn’t flinch until he makes sure his family is safe. Above all, he was a normal human. Geargekutty was the result of a filmmaker whose screenplay instantly became a textbook for others in the thriller genre. He was the result of a leading actor who got into the skin of the character and won our hearts like only he can. Characters written and portrayed as perfectly as Georgekutty come once in a life time.

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