Kalidas Jayaram- A very peculiar career so far

Kalidas Jayaram won National award for best child actor. But his second innings as a lead actor has been rather strange. Kalidas Jayaram’s peculiar career through pics.

Kamal Haasan, Jayaram and Kalidas
Jayaram – ” Hello Kamal Haasan, this is my son Kalidas. I wish you should be part of his debut movie in Tamil – ‘Meen Kuzhambum Manpaanaiyum’ “

Kamal Haasan – “Of course, you are my great friend. Welcome Kalidas to Tamil industry”
“Hey Kamal Haasan Uncle – How did I do in my debut movie?”
Kamal Haasan – ” I have decided to leave Cinema for once and all with my next movie. I am getting into Politics”
Kalidas – “Hey Megha Akash, my next movie – ‘Oru Pakka Kathai’ is with you. I am pretty sure this will be a big hit and not like my first Tamil movie”

Megha Akash -” Looks like this movie would never release. I am going to do a quick movie with Gautam Menon and Dhanush to make up for this. But wait , what ! ”
Kalidas – “So that is the story of how my Tamil movies ended up. But I am pretty sure my first Malayalam movie would be a landmark movie”

Abrid Shine – ” Man, it took 3 long years to get Poomaram finally released. I am
taking a long hiatus from movies now”
Kalidas and Jeethu Joseph
Kalidas – ” Jeethu Joseph, you are the man. I am a great fan of Drishyam and Memories. I am pretty sure our Mr and Mrs Rowdy will be a big hit too”

Jeethu Joseph – ” I am leaving Malayalam Cinema for a while now. Let me go and do some Hindi and Tamil movies. I am hoping they don’t find about Mr and Mrs Rowdy though”
Kalidas – ” Forget the results of my other movies. I know you have a great record of only giving super hits till now – Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela, Mayaanadhi, Varathan, Vijay Superum Pournamiyum. We will have a blast with this ‘

Aiswarya Lekshmi – ” Ente ponnu Kalidasaa…. All I know is that I did a movie with you. Now look I have Argentina Fans, Brother’s day and Action this year !”
Kalidas – ” Let me now come in disguise in Happy Sardar so that no one recognizes me. This will be finally the break for me. Ennoda Kali! “
Kalidas in Happy Sardar
“Hey Kalidas, looks like they found its you. Forget the audience. Not even film reviewers or film critics are coming to watch the movie. They have all called in their bosses and told they are sick.

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