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What happened behind Love Action Drama a.k.a Chinthavishtanaaya Nivin Pauly

What actually happened behind Love Action Drama. Story through pics:

“Hello Nayanthara, I know I had to act in this movie because I am Dhyan’s father. What did you see in this script to come and act from your busy schedule in Tamil ?”
“I got this call from Dhyan when I was shooting for Bigil. If I stayed extra days in Bigil’s set , Atlee would have killed off my character like he does in all his movies. So I thought I will escape from there. Also I heard Vineeth was laughing non-stop to this script. There are lot of jokes, isn’t it ?
“Oh dear, he was not laughing to the script of Dhyan. That is because he happened to see Irupathiyonnam Noottandu only after signing Pranav for his next movie. He has been laughing and crying together after that !
Dhyan Sreenivasan and Nayantara
On the sets:
Dhyan – “Hello Nayanthara , so this is one of the jokes in the script. Really funny rite? Haha. Shobha chirikunnille ?”
Nayanthara – “Oh boy ! For this , I should have remained in the sets of Bigil and let Atlee kill my character off”
Nayanathara – ” So look at this . This is the reason why Shobha falls in love with Dineshan”
Nivin – ” But all I see is a blank screen.”
Nayanthara – ” That is what I meant. Now look at this – This is my ticket back to Tamil Nadu. I am not coming back for another Malayalam movie for a while”
Nivin – ” Nayanthara is right. Why is only Dhyan laughing to his own jokes. I don’t see anyone else laughing . Look at Sunny Wayne. He is looking to somewhere else! Asif Ali is shaking some hand he saw and leaving ! “
Nivin Pauly and Mallika Sukumaran in Love Action Drama
Nivin Pauly – “What do you think Mallika aunty ? Will this movie work or not?”
Mallika Sukumaran – ” Why don’t you ask my son, Prithivraj? – He has a keen sense for scripts and can predict how movies could turn out to be”
“Wasn’t his last few movies- Brother’s day, My Story, Ranam, Vimanam etc ? To match that , I can do one more movie with Haneef Adeni – Ulakka Chakka Jackfruit!!”
After few weeks:
Nivin – ” Eda Aju. I am finally relieved. Since the other 2 movies during Onam were even dumber, our movie became a hit. My Moothon is being raved. I got 2 of my performances featured in Film Companion’s 100 best performances of the decade. Now I am going to act only with Geethu Mohandas and Rajeev Ravi for a while. Only Top Class !”
” Da, I forgot to tell you. Dhyan had called me a while before and asked me about an idea for sequel to Love Action Drama. I promised him that you and me will do the movie since first part is a hit. He is very happy. Super idea – right ?”
“Sreenivasan Uncle, only you can now stop Dhyaan from making a sequel to Love Action Drama. Please stop him uncle. “
“How about me and Dhyaan do a sequel for our Kuttymama?. That will keep him engaged and keep him away from directing another movie”
“Oh no uncle. I remember seeing the posters of Kuttymama. Please give me some other idea ?”
Sreenivasan- “Ok then there is another idea. There is one person who is a specialist in stopping movies from happening or releasing. You can meet him”
“Sreenivasan uncle is right. This will work. Mr. Gautham Menon. You are my saviour. Forget that you just released ENPT. Go back to that old form of halting movies of everyone and help me too “

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