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Why Ambili is one of the most amazing casting stories you would hear in Malayalam Cinema

Let us see what actually happened behind one of the amazing casting stories in Malayalam Cinema this year

“Hello Fahadh, why did you want to meet me ?”
” Hello Soubin- You know mine is a decent family with everyone involved in movies. My father is a director. Me , my wife and my brother are actors. Now my brother in law is also interested to act. I heard you are doing one lead role in Ambili. Nazriya’s brother would be a perfect fit for the other lead role. You both would have a great time”
” Of course. You are a very decent man (Ningal oru manyan aanu). I believe in you”
” Now that we are in a barber shop, can someone tell me if this producer wants long hair or short hair in this movie. This is life and death matter for me”
“Don’t interrupt man. This is life and death matter for me at my home”
At first day of Ambili’s shooting

Soubin -” Come on Naveen, let us take a selfie. We will have a blast”
At last day of Ambili’s shooting

Naveen – ” Let us take another selfie”
Soubin -“Oh dear Fahadh, why did you do this to me”
Anna Ben- ” Chechi- I had got a central character role in my new movie, Helen. Vineeth Sreenivasan is the producer. They are looking for a young actor in the age range for 20-23″
Fahadh -” What were you discussing. Tell me also”
Anna Ben -” Nothing Fahadhkka. It is something personal”
Fahadh- ” I think I heard Vineeth Sreenivasan’s name. I will speak to him”
Fahadh -” Stop Vineeth. I want to talk to you”
Vineeth -” No way. Soubin told me everything. I have had enough already reading my brother’s full script and acting in his movie. Enough for this year. Aale vidu saami”

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